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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 20, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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i fell to my knees. excited. happy. joyous. >> right now at 11:00, a happy homecoming of a bay area boy abducted from the front of his house. now the search is on for his kidnapper. good morning thank you for joining us. >> a frightful morning for a mother and father ends with relief and with joy. this morning, someone stole their car from the driveway with their 8-year-old son asleep inside. >> we have more live from bob.
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the boy's parents got quite a scare. >> reporter: they are relieved to be home in fairfield with their son safe inside. we're learning he slept through most of his abduction. because of that he wasn't terribly afraid or aware of what happened to him. 8-year-old brock guz plan is back home safe -- guzman is back home safe. early this morning, his father, paul guzman left his car running in the driveway of their fairfield home so it would be warm for his son's trip to school in napa. brock had fallen asleep in the back seat while his dad quickly went back inside the house. less than a minute later at around 4:45 this morning, his mother came out to drive her son to class. >> then i went inside, and i'm like, paul the car's not there! and then i realized that someone took my car. >> reporter: a crime of opportunity is how fairfield police describe it.
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law enforcement had begun a search for brock and issued an amber alert for the family's silver toyota. during all of this brock was still asleep inside in his superhero p.j.s, oblivious to the driver. >> the guy said, "i didn't know you were in the car," got out and walked away. my boy laid back down and went to sleep. >> reporter: an alert citizen noticed the car parked two miles from the boy's home. police found brock asleep inside unharmed. >> absolutely amazing. i was overjoyed with goosebumps and wanted to squeeze him. i probably hurt him a little bit. he's doing well. >> i got my son back so that's all i care about. >> reporter: the guzmans learned a lesson this morning about leaving the car running in the driveway unattended with their most precious piece of their lives inside. >> it's absolutely a learning experience. we all make mistakes none of us are perfect.
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>> reporter: police did take a bicycle into evidence that was left outside the home. they'll try to see if the fingerprint on that match the fingerprints of the person who stole the guzmans' car. brock guzman did not get a good look at his kidnapper and was only to tell police he was wearing a black hat and sweatshirt. police are still looking for that man. reporting live here in fairfield, bob riddle nbc bay area news. >> a crime of opportunity, could have been a complete disaster. glad tended well. thanks. new details about last night's white house fence-jumper. turns out he's from the bay area. jerome hunt from hayward tried to scale the fence around 10:30 last night. the agency says he was immediately arrested by officers. hunt is expected to be in court this afternoon on the charge of unlawfulen unlawful entry. today is patriot day in boston. tens of thousands run in the
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famed marathon while fans look on and celebrate from the sideline. >> this year's race comes two years since the deadly bombing and just a day before the sentencing begins for the man convicted of carrying out the bombing. nbc's jay gray has more from boston. looip there. the 119th boston marathon now underway. a bit of rain falling in boston now. that was expected. it's not really slowing down the runners or the spectator here. 30,000 runners in the race more than 100,000 fans expected to line the course and be a part of the celebration here in downtown. as always people will tell you the race is at the core of what boston is about. things have gonele two this point. the race will continue throughout the day and into the afternoon. strong police presence as you would expect. no threats leading into the race, that's the good news. officers say they're very confident that today is going to go off without any serious problems. comes on the eve of the
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continuation of the dzhokhar tsarnaev trial. of course, he's been found guilty for his part in the marathon bombing two years ago. the penalty phase start tomorrow. for that reason the judge in the case has asked the 12 jurors and six alternates to stay away from the race. stay away from the celebration here in boston because they'll be back in the courtroom tomorrow. that is the very latest from the marathon here in boston. i'm jay gray nbc news. >> thank you. even in the bay area we're boston strong here, too. runners showing off their support this marathon monday with their own 5k at the embark embarcadero embarcadero. >> several thousand runners need bright and early for the race kicking off and ending at the plaza that's where people who survived the horrific ordeal arrived to run and to reflect. >> a chance for us to get together and remember the four lives that were lost, the people injured and the first responders and other people who, you know, continue to have nightmares as a result of it. >> the race was more like a small run for competitors.
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they're marathon runners and warming up for san francisco's own marathon happening in july. >> symbolism what's important there. new at 11:00, the san jose sharks are looking for a new coach this morning. two hours ago, the team and todd mcclelland announced they would part ways. this after the team that had the best season since 2008 were never able to make the finals. several streams expressed interest in signing mcclellanlellan. today we're joined live from san francisco. the celebration comes as the tide is turning on the public perception of marijuana. good morning. >> reporter: that's right, good morning. we're here at golden gate park for one of the biggest 4 0 celebrations in the bay area. people started showing up as
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early as 5:00. many here many of them on hippie hill. hundreds of them now out here. unclear how many will show up by the end of the event, but many if not all likely pleased with what the president had to say about how the federal government should treat marijuana moving forward. >> i'm on record as saying that not only do i think carefully prescribed medical use of marijuana may in fact be appropriate and we should follow the science as opposed to ideology on this issue. >> reporter: in an cnn interview last night, president obama said he supported the senate bill that encourages respecting state legal medical marijuana programs. the bill recommends research into what medical benefits marijuana may bring, stating the attorney general must allow fda-approved research. if passed, the bill would reclassify marijuana from schedule one to a schedule two drug leading to a lower incarceration for nonviolent drug possession. now marijuana supporters say the president is on the right track,
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reflecting a changing tide of national public sentiment. >> i feel like the nation as a whole is becoming more accepting of it especially with the additions of washington, organization, alaska and colorado being recreational now. so i think like everyone is just coming to terms with being okay with it more and mainstream. >> especially people who need it for illnesses. you know it is a good step in the right direction. >> everybody's here to be friends. that's what it's -- i think that's what it's always been about. you know i would say the majority of my friends were like screw this recreational thing. >> reporter: there's plenty of police presence at today's 420 celebration which is an unpermitted, unsanctioned event at golden gate park. from san francisco police to the park rangers one new thing this year parking has been roped off around the park forcing people to have to go into the neighborhoods to park. people say though that won't deter those who have been looking forward to the event this one day every year all
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year. police, though say they do believe it will be a smaller crowd. on that note though, because it falls on a monday be aware that this could impact the evening and afternoon commute here around the park. as for trash we've noticed a lot of places for trash this year. places like the dispenseary in san francisco say they've got dozens of volunteers to make sure this stays clean so they can enjoy this event for years to come. live in san francisco, nbc news bay area news. >> all right. thank you, stephanie. >> celebration getting underway. also happening today, oprah winfrey is coming to the stanford campus to deliver the annual lecture on a meaningful life. this honors the late stanford law school professor, harry rasman who delivered the lecture annually from the 1930s to the 1950s. this is not winfrey's first time on the campus. she was back at the school in 2008 to deliver the graduation commencement speech.
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don'ts event is not own to the public. faculty, students, and staff had to enter a lottery for tickets. a deadly hit and run took the life of a radio host. there's a memorial growing outside kpfa studios in berkeley for wesley burton. he hosted side show radio, a late-night hip-hop show on kpfa or 94.1 f.m. he died early saturday when a speeding car struck his car on martin luther king way. the driver of the other car fled the scene. co-worker with saddened by the loss. >> he was a great guy. and the kpfa family is devastated. basically at this point, they had three small children. would be great if anyone could donate to their gofunds -- gofundme site and for the driver to come forward. >> the driver of the dodge charger has not been found. an uber driver is under arrest after a fight with a
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cyclist in san francisco that ended with serious injuries. this happened around 1:30 yesterday at the intersection of northpoint and taylor streets near fisherman's wharf. police say the cyclist rode up to the uber carelling at the driver and banging on his window. police identified the uber driver as 39-year-old emerson dacarviello from emerson city. at the end of the fight, the cyclist pushed the car's mirror in and sped off. that's when decarrviello struck the bike. he's been booked on assault with a deadly weapon. palo alto could be going green in a new way. how it could mean big change for homeowner all around the bay. plus, a fashion feeding frenzy. the collection at target so popular it sold out within just minutes. and good morning to you. big changes in the worth when it comes to your forecast. we'll start with on and off rain and bring in thunderstorms. unsettled weather continues all week long.
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full details in just moments. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call --
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palo alto may soon have one of the greenest building codes in the bay area. the city council is poised to pass a bill to lay solar energy as a home is blts. that means putting in the wiring and setting aside 500 square feet for solar panels. creates a so-called laundry-to-landscape plan which would encourage the use of gray water for irrigation. the council will vote today. a little farther north in san francisco, here's a live look this morning as a boat
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passes underneath the bay bridge. you know what, it's now official -- the city of san francisco is the worst market in the country for renters. according to "forbes" latest list, the average is over $2,800. the vacancy rate is somehow only 3%. only slightly better, though on the east bay and south bay. the average rent in oakland is about $1,800 a month. the vacancy rate there is even worst than san francisco's. in san jose, rents run about $2200 on average. "forbes" says the cities are producing the worst housing shortage in the u.s. if you cannot conceive of life without a credit card, you might be older than 29. a sue? survey by finds 26% of millennials have never had a credit card. according to the survey, people between 18 and 29 are wary of credit card debt because they came of age during the great recession which brought about historic student loan debt and also an apocalyptic job market.
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>> financially responsible future. we'll find out. >> or they still live at home. >> or they standard of living at home. a fashion feeding friendsy is underway now at target. the company launching its limited edition collaboration with designer lilly pulitzer. it was so popular it sold out on line in mere minutes. in fact when shoppers flooded the website, it nearly crashed. stores are busy too. shelves are emptying fast. but items are now popping up on ebay for double or triple the original price. there's word that comcast and time-warner cable will meet with the justice department this week to discuss a $45 billion merger. the merger was announced last year. the reports say that regulators would give the combined company too much control of the broadband internet market, allowing it to charge higher fees to content providers such as nets flicks. comcast is the parent company of nbc universal. an airline security analyst was banned from his flight to the bay area when he tweeted he could hack the plane. chris roberts was in colorado
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headed to san francisco whether security stopped him from boarding. the fbi questioned him for hours after he tweeted that he could force united's oxygen masks to deploy. he eventually was let go and caught a later flight on a later date. the san francisco zoo is using earth day to draw attention to the illegal trade of animal parts. biologists at the zoo are raising awareness about a new state bill to close loopholes in the ivory trade. a state law already bans the sale of elephant ivory and horns from rhinos. there's an exemption allowing older pieces to be sold and traded. biologists say that that trade is very lucrative. >> elephants have been declining for the past couple of decades. and those are in place in the '70s '80s, a lot of those -- and that opens up the trade that has flourished. >> the bill would make enforcement easier and stiffen penalties, as well. wildlife experts say the bill would also benefit whales and hippos whose products are also sold as ivory even though they're not, in fact, made of
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ivory. investigators are searching for the people who kidnapped a sea lion in southern california los angeles police saying a group of people were harassing two sea lion pups on a beach yesterday. one of them wrapped one in -- one of the pups in a blanket, and the group then took off with the animal in their car. this is video of the second sea lion left behind and later rescued. experts say that keeping a sea lion is not only illegal but can be dangerous. >> they also have a bite ten times greater than a pit bull. it amounts to the dirtiest mouth of any mammal. somebody could get severely injured. >> experts also say you should not go near a sea lion if you see one. >> good advice there. okay. 400 cyclists are recovering this morning after a day on the ride practice run for the annual aids life cycle fundraiser. yesterday, a 65-mile ride started in berkeley. a warmup for cyclists planning to take part in a seven day, 545-mile bike ride from san
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francisco to los angeles next month. the goal of the ride is to raise money and awareness for hiv and aids services. >> the disease is still in need of help. people are still in need of services to, one, prevent new infections and, two, help people already infected with hiv and aids. >> to n total, 2,000 -- in total, 2,000 riders will be heading down the coast in may. they expect to raise $15 million for the cause. >> a great cause. how soon do you think you hear the first "are we there yet?" >> probably mile 20. pretty close. meteorologist christina loren has a forecast that's lovely for a bike ride today, maybe not tomorrow. >> you know, depends on when you get out there. we've got the futurecast ready to go. glad you're back. 63 in the tri-valley. 59 in san francisco. 56 degrees in the north bay. we're on our way to a comfortable day. temperatures maxing out mostly in the 70s.
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76 on the way to the tri-valley. 72 for the north bay. and the same for us here in the south bay with changes coming your way. comfortable finish for today. if you have anything in your back yard that could get wet, could get damp or even blow away we'll see fierce wind over the next couple of days. unsettled weather means a slight chance of showers each and every day. tuesday through friday. we'll get a nice break on saturday. and then by sunday into monday another chance for shower activity. basically the jet stream has taken a significant drop to the south. for us that means the unsettled pattern will continue. widespread showers, best bets for rain. i can tell you now, wednesday, also looking at friday for that. all right. let's take you forward and show what to expect. we are looking at showers as of early tonight into tomorrow. a better chance as we head throughout your wednesday. you can see we stopped the clock for you. nothing organized, nothing widespread. on and off activity fair game for that.
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as we persist through the week i can tell you that this weekend looking good for some showers on sunday. in fact, we got a better chance sunday, monday and tuesday of next week. this moisture a welcome sight. we're expecting snowfall up in tahoe where we have two of our ski resorts, mammoth and squaw valley, still open for business. and they thought they were going to have to shut down by the 15th of this month. that's great news. i stopped the clock for you. i take you into 4:00 p.m. friday. light shower activity especially in the south bay. we're also expecting thunderstorms out of this unsettled pattern. there's a lot of instability out there. the best bet for thunderstorms is going to be as we head throughout the end e end of the week over the higher elevations. we have a slight chance for tuesday. a better chance wednesday. and friday fair game for isolated activity. also expecting the potential for flash flood warnings to go up over lake tahoe with strong storms there. isolated activity here in the bay area. take you through the next five days temperature-wise. we'll start to drop off tomorrow
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into the upper 60s. that will continue into wednesday. leveling off thursday into friday, and like i said before, still counting on showers for this weekend. we would like to let you know what's expected for the weekend. even though it's monday. this might help you pull through for the rest of the week. saturday looking great for your outdoor activities. by sunday you're pulling out the umbrella again. good news is, this could hopefully postpone that kickoff of fire season at least for another couple weeks. we'll keep you updated right here. right now, back to you. >> all right. thanks. up next at 11:00, a fifth grader with with a powerful voice. we'll let you hear why she won a big competition in the big apple. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "access hollywood live" followed by "days of our lives."
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at just 10 years old one ambitious singer is fulfilling a dream many people never realize in their whole life. >> monica garcia brings us the story. ♪ >> reporter: that's 10-year-old aaliyah douglas just warming up. ♪ talking loud not saying much ♪ >> reporter: her signature voice, or at least what she wins the most awards for is opera. ♪ >> reporter: and aaliyah recently won first place in a national vocal competition based
11:26 am
out of new york city. >> i was just so happy because i was surprised. i was in new york, and i was the youngest. i was there to have fun. we went to chinatown, little itail, the statue of liberty. i was there to have fun. when i heard i won, i was like yes! >> reporter: according to her music coach, stephanie fox, it's a sign that the old pueblo is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the arts. >> it doesn't matter that it's tucson, arizona, if the kids are tutored correctly and learn good technique and they get opportunities to perform. they succeed. ♪ >> reporter: aaliyah on the other hand sees her talents a different way. >> lets me know that i bring joy to people. it makes me happy. >> reporter: happy but also takes a lot of hard work and that's coming from aaliyah's mother, an engineer at raytheon. >> i don't have any of this like artistic background at all. i'm very analytical. so i support her. i don't quite understand the desire to stand up on stage and
11:27 am
sing. ♪ >> like you have to breathe through your stomach, you have to stand with your shoulders down master the technique. >> reporter: but somehow she pull it off. ♪ >> "america's got talent 2019," all over it. >> not old enough yet. i don't think. up next at 11:00, creating specific treatments for each patient's needs, it's called ded precision medicine. the bay area's at the forefront of what could be the next big thing in health care.
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more than 700 people could be lost at sea as the search continues now for survivors after a boat capsized off the coast of libya. >> the latest crisis comes as waves of north african migrants continue to pay thousands of
11:30 am
dollars to risk their lives to get to europe. richard engle reports from italy. >> reporter: so far, just a few dozen bodies have been recovered from the southern mediterranean, but there may be hundreds more. an italian prosecutor told nbc news a survivor from bangladesh told him 950 migrants were packed on to a wooden fishing boat headed for europe. the maltese prime minister says 200 of them were women 50 children. survivors claim hundreds of the migrants were locked below deck when the boat capsized. an official suggested their weight could have quickly dragged the ship to the seabed. europe has experienced a migrant crisis. >> it's a european emergency. so not the problem -- a problem to help europe. >> there is no magic solution but there is a responsibility that we have to exercise together as europeans. >> reporter: warmer weather has brought an increased number of
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ships. italy rescued 8,500 migrants just this weekend. even before the latest tragedy, 900 had died this year. ten times as many as in the same period last year. why? libya mostly. this is a migration center in libya. nobody here wants to stay. they all want to make their way to europe. now they can at least try. after the fall of gadhafi, libya has become lawless. its coast a springboard for smugglers. and just today, another boat full of migrants has crashed. that one running aground in greece. at least three people have been killed in that incident. 80 rescued. richard engle, nbc news sicily. >> heartbreaking to see the little kids there. now to a deadly shooting in tulsa, oklahoma where a reserve deputy shot and killed a man after pulling his gun instead of his taser. >> now, one of the shooting
11:32 am
victims' loved ones speaking out for the first time. dave gutierrez spoke to her exclusively. >> reporter: in tulsa, pressure is mounting. >> i mean look around us. you know people are here. and they want answers. >> reporter: after the april 2nd shooting death of eric harris by a reserve deputy captured on a body camera. >> i shot him. i'm sorry. >> very hurtful to see how he was treated. >> reporter: kathy brailly is the mother of harris' 16-year-old son aidan. this is the first time he's spoken publicly since the man she calls her soulmate was killed. >> it was hard not to love eric. he was dynamic. i know he made poor decisions. when you love someone, you don't give up on them just because they make some poor choices. >> he shot me! oh my god! >> you [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> i'm losing my breath. >> reporter: they want more scrutiny of the other deputies who can be heard yelling at harris.
11:33 am
the sheriff's office said the deputies done realize harris had been shot. >> can you show me? >> sure. you bet. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview friday the reserve deputy 73-year-old robert bates, apologized and showed matt lauer where he normally kept his taser in relation to his gun. >> you must believe me. it can happen to anyone. >> reporter: his attorneys have released dozens of pages of training documents from 2009 to 2014. the records show bates call f.y.ed to use a handgun ten times -- qualified to use a handgun ten times and took at least one taser class. his evaluations say he had a good working relationship with supervisors and deputies and related well to the public. but he had problems with using a police radio and geography. a spokesperson says the sheriff's office is still searching for more paperwork. bates' family insists he was well trained. >> he is better trained or has more qualifications and more training than some of the deputies in cities across the
11:34 am
united states. that is something he prides himself on. >> and that was nbc's gabe gutierrez reporting. robert bates, the reserve officer, faces manslaughter charges. a man shot by police officers in maryland last week has died from his injuries. baltimore police officers apprehended 27-year-old freddie gray after an undisclosed crime. video released by his attorney shows the arrest. his attorney said officers severed gray's spine when they took him down in a foot chase. gray died yesterday. according to gray's attorney, police chased him without any evidence that he actually commit aid crime. right now baltimore police are investigating. the nation could be closer to getting a new attorney general this week. the loretta lynch nomination has been held up for months. >> nbc bay area's tracie potts is on capitol hill this morning where a key senator is predicting a breakthrough in the next few days. what are we doing here? >> reporter: president obama calls it embarrassing. >> it's gone too far.
11:35 am
enough. enough. call loretta lynch for a vote. >> reporter: five republicans support her, enough to make it happen. nearly two months after the judiciary committee approved her, there's been no vote. why? republicans want democrats to move forward on a human trafficking bill that restricts some abortions. until they do the lynch vote's on the back burner. that could change this week. >> my send is over the next -- my sense is over the next 48 to 72 hours, that is going to be resolved. >> reporter: there's a deal in the works that would allow the lynch vote and get the human trafficking bill done. >> should have been done well before now. shouldn't be connected to any other issue. >> reporter: some republicans say it's not just about politics. they worry lynch won't stop president obama from allowing undocumented immigrants to stay in the u.s. >> she refused to acknowledge that there are limits to proser toial election. >> reporter: the biggest holdup
11:36 am
could follow this week. if you're wondering if 54 days is a long way to consider a vote consider this -- it is twice as long as all seven previous nominees combined. tracie potts, nbc news washington. >> i guess the answer is yes, it is a long time to wait. one size fits all is a thing of the past, especially when it comes to fighting disease. nowadays it's about personalized medicine. >> president obama mentioned it in his state of the union address. and governor brown just announced a new initiative to advance it here in california. >> what is it, and what exactly does personalized medicine do? here's nbc bay area with more. >> reporter: while most medical treatments are made for the average patient, precision medicine is specific for you. a treatment designed for your body your genes. >> the institution, the country has talked about precision medicine. >> reporter: doctor do this by taking into account the difference in a person's genes, lifestyle, and environment.
11:37 am
they collect a vast data base of patient records and compare them to find the best treatment. it may help explain why some people with the same condition react differently to the same medication. >> the future with precision medicine is to develop drugs that have specific not just to lung cancer, not even just to squamous cell cancer, by-law type of cancer. >> reporter: this week governor brown announced the initiative to advance precision medicine. a tool he will lead. >> rare diseases common diseases could benefit from a precision medicine approach. >> one of the greatest opportunities for new medical breakthroughs that we have ever seen. >> reporter: earlier this year, president obama announced a $215 million plan to gather genetic data from one million american volunteers. >> delivering the right treatments at the right time every time to the right person. and for a small but growing number of patients, that future is already here. >> reporter: like some skin
11:38 am
cancer and leukemia patients. mapping a genome used to cost thousands. but now analyzing the entire country's is expensive. it's one of the key questions as stated and federal governments move forward. >> we need better ways to address their diseases. so even if this makes a marginal little bit of an improvement, i think that's still a great benefit. >> reporter: in san francisco, ian cole nbc bay area news. to a somewhat medical-related story. one of america's most influential pup sets leading the charge to get children vaccinated. the u.s. surgeon general has recruited elmo to out to vaccinations. there's a joints video explaining why vaccinations are so important. the surgeon general says shot are the most successful and cost-effective public health tools. >> just like an umbrella protect you from the rain and a helmet protects you from hitting your head, a vaccine protects you
11:39 am
from germ. >> elmo seems interested in there. with a spot -- the spot ends with the surgeon general encouraging el no distract himself from the pain of the -- elmo to distract himself from the pain of the shot and belts out a rendition of "shake it off." >> can you sing it -- >> i won't do it. ♪ shake it off ♪ next attacking the deadliest type of cancer. promising results from a new treatment giving many patients hope to beat the disease. plus a swan song for a beloved dog. the minor league baseball team getting ready to good-bye to miss babe ruth. we have a great day. if you want to head out and walk your dog, for instance. i can tell you things are going to change rapidly. on and off rain starts tomorrow continues through most of the week. also incorporating some thunderstorms into the forecast and because of this moisture, some tahoe resorts staying open. we'll tell you which ones when
11:40 am
we return. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call --
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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at the search is on for "men's health" magazine's newest ultimate guy.
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this year's top contender -- used to be a woman. aidan dowelling wants to be the first transgender man to make the cover. right now he's leading the reader's choice vote for its annual ultimate guy contest. douling has 27,000 more votes than the closest competitor flag. judges do determine the winner. a new study may offer hope to patients battling lung cancer. it involves a drug used to treat patients with melanoma. >> according to the preliminary findings, the drug shows promising results in battling one of the deadliest cancers. here's nbc with more. >> reporter: for steve buren, it doesn't get much better than this. >> part of my life, swimming in the ocean, running. >> reporter: four years ago -- >> i noticed that i was running short of breath. and at night, i could hear this noise, a little rattle. >> reporter: he had survived throat cancer eight years earlier, but this was more serious. >> they said more than 22 tumors in fewmy lungs.
11:44 am
that's when it was looking grim. >> reporter: doctors gave him a year. >> find him curled up in a ball you know somewhere. just one time he said, i want to die. >> reporter: then he qualified for a trial at ucla. the drug that was approved for melanoma would be tested to treat advanced lung cancer in about 500 patients. the drug given by infusion every three weeks, doesn't detect a cancer itself. it enables the body's immune system to do all the fighting. >> for many patients, this is going to be a substantial change from the way that we've treated cancer in the past. >> reporter: tumors in about one in five trial patients shrank significantly or disappeared. dr. edward geren treated him and worked on the trial. >> somebody who you didn't anticipate would follow up with you in clinic a month or two months from now, now you're following them years later. >> reporter: friends call buren the medical man.
11:45 am
at 71 finishing the manhattan beach marathon for the 37th year in a row. what is it that moves you? >> i think everybody wants to stay alive. i mean you want to liver forever. i think everybody wants to have as good a life as they k. >> reporter: a promising new treatment for the deadliest cancer. and for steve. >> i dive in the ocean, i think i'm 12 years old. >> reporter: a second chance. jacob rascon nbc news, los angeles. >> all right. inspiring story there. forget about a bat boy. in one time, minor league baseball fans have seen a bat dog out on the diamond for a decade. >> now it's time for her to move on leaving the game of fetch to interest of the young -- fetch to the younger guys. we have the story. >> reporter: on game day, miss babe ruth knows the drill. it's buckets, bats and baseballs. >> she's our bat boy. >> reporter: she joined the greensboro grasshoppers when she was only ten months old.
11:46 am
>> her personality is perfect for the job. the crowd loves her. she gets into it. the more the crowd gets into it the more she gets into what she's doing. >> reporter: like the players, miss babe ruth has a routine -- resting up and practice runs before taking the field. [ bark ] >> she take the baseball to the umpire. she will fetch bats retrieve bats like a bat boy would. couple times a game. >> reporter: she's been a grasshopper for almost a decade. a veteran. >> she's not an old dog, but she's been doing it a long time. you know, it's her farewell season. i think she deserves down time. >> reporter: so miss babe ruth will retire at the end of this season. >> when we found out that they were going to retire her, it made me sad. brought a tear to my eye. >> reporter: her master, yogi berra, and niece, miss lulu gehrig will continue the tradition, a baseball dynasty. the fans will miss miss babe ruth. >> more than just a dog. part of the team. >> depressing for my nieces and
11:47 am
nephews. they're younger. i wanted them to see it, too. >> reporter: a chance to see a beloved member of the team before she takes her final lap around the bases. >> she's stealing home. >> and hearts. >> exactly. that was carl reporting. miss babe ruth has her own statue outside the ballpark. >> a brass bone. >> cute. >> next to her. >> i love her. >> man. we love our dogs around here. it is 11:47. a rain window coming up. we can open it for a while. >> yeah going to swing open and stay that way through next week. hillsides will stay nice and moist and hopefully postpone fire season which we could already be in at this point. we're at 60 on the peninsula. 59 in the south bay. still cool enough for a jacket out there. going to be comfortable later today. widespread 70s except for at the immediate coast. that's where we are expecting the upper 60s. a nice comfy finish today.
11:48 am
a few degrees cooler for tomorrow. and that's whether we bring in our -- that's when we bring in our first drops of rain. not expecting anything heavy. potentially until wednesday. and really it depends on this storm system where it tracks and how organized it stays as to how much rain we'll get. i think you'll have opportunities to check out the meteor shower. we like to let you know about everything happening across the bay area. here's what you do -- lay down and look straight up at the predawn hours wednesday and thursday morning when we have the peak. might be easier to get into one of those chaise lounges if you don't want to lay on the cold earth. my weather producer, he likes to be very specific. he says lay down and look up. as we head throughout the next couple of days. soak it in like this. look to the east during the predawn hours. your best viewing inland on the hills. if you can hit the elevations, you'll have the best shot of
11:49 am
checking out the shooting stars. we'll talk about rainfall and when we are expecting it. we stop the clock tuesday at 1:00 p.m. light activity for tomorrow afternoon. a much better chance as we head throughout your wednesday. a lot of the models are wishy washy, they bring it in take the showers out. i do think we're going to see quite a bit of rainfall over the high elevations. valley floor, though maybe .1 inch at best. heading throughout tuesday through friday. we don't stop the rainfall from coming in. oh, no. we keep it going after a nice dry saturday into your sunday. we bring back the shower activity. right now, we've got a good chance for wednesday. nice dry thursday coming your way. and then by friday a little bit of rich moisture especially over the higher elevations. saturday, a grookood-looking break. sunday into the following monday looking good for appreciable rainfall. overall, we'll take every drop we can get. still in the heart of the drought. keep this in mind -- you have
11:50 am
two ski resorts open, ma'am athand squaw valley -- mammoth and squaw valley. if you are heading to tahoe, keep in mind with thunderstorms in the forecast we could see flash flooding. we'll keep you updated. best day for outdoors plans, this weekend, look like saturday. expecting more rain like we said before sunday into monday and tuesday of next week. back to you. >> that snow so critical too. thank you very much. >> at least with the snow you don't have to lay back on the chaise lounge -- >> you can stand up and bask in the snow. next at 11:00, the warriors back in action tonight looking to take a commanding lead in the series over the new orleans pelicans. we'll take you inside oracle arena next. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00 --
11:51 am
♪ when you just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™.
11:52 am
right now the fever is spreading. not just contained to that
11:53 am
arena. but it is oracle arena. evening, nearly 20,000 fans will be packing that arena in oakland hoping to watch the warriors take a 2-0 lead over the new orleans pelicans. >> nbc bay area has a preview of the big game. as stefcurry said after the win over the warriors everything resets in the playoffs. you have to remember who you are, how you got here and enjoy the moment. this particular moment in time, the warriors coming off of a franchise record 67 wins during the regular season. they are number one seed in their conference. they're playing to sellout crowds. saturday no exception as they beat the pelicans 106-99. not the blowout some fans were expecting. especially considering the warriors were up by 25 points at one point. >> obviously favored in the series but every game is important. we want to take advantage of every opportunity we have. i think it's in the locker room nobody is looking down the road
11:54 am
or -- or feeling extra pressure in the situation which is healthy for us as we, you know have to fight in the series. >> reporter: the warriors beat the pelican without david lee a key member of their bench. out with a lower back strain. will most likely miss tonight's game as well. tip-off at 7:30. again, expected to be a soldout crowd for the 125th time in a row here at the oracle arena. here in oakland, today in the bay. >> going to be roaring. >> i know. no fair-weather fans there. from the favorites there, the big dogs the warriors to the underdog now, tim tebow. it appears he's back. >> today the former nfl quarterback is expected to ink a one-year deal with the philadelphia eagles. tebow has not played in an nfl game since back in 2012 when he was with the new york jets. >> give the man credit. he's been persistent pursuing that nfl dream. we'll be right back.
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
how's this for bringing sexy back? baby timberlake now on instagram. >> he's going to rock your body. singer justin timberlake posted the first public picture of his son, silas randall. and jessica biel on the side of the screen. baby and mother are both sporting memphis grizzlies gear. timberlake is a minority
11:58 am
eastern. they beat the -- minority member. they beat the trailblazers last night.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
today on access hollywood live the fashion the moments. >> oh, the music, and of course taylor swift with her mom and dad. >> and we've got everything you need to know about last night's big acm awards show. >> we are also going to discuss the bruce jenner promo with our plugged in panel. we have been rolling that one out. >> and real house wive carol redszywell is here. >> talking about a guy who is 22 years younger. might have brought him here today. >> is that who that young guy is. >> yeah hey. >> access hollywood starts right now. >> stand by billy and kit, stand by camera two. live in five, four three,


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